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We are proud to offer a full, turnkey service when it comes to renovations.

From sourcing of products to quoting, execution, and project management of all suppliers and contractors, we take the stress out of renovations.


We offer free expert advice and personal attention to achieve the best result for your most valuable asset.


Our renovation services include (but are not limited to):

Tiling, Carpeting, Laminate & Vinyl Flooring

Lighting,Electrical & Plumbing Work

Kitchens & Bathrooms

Painting & Damp Proofing

Demolition, Extensions & New Building Work

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We apply coatings to the following:

Interior Walls & Ceilings

Skirting Boards & Architraves

Doors & Window Frames (Wood or Steel)

Exterior Walls

Roofs (Tiled or IBR)


On every project, we take time to ensure the correct preparation procedures are followed, whether it be skimming walls, priming, undercoating, damp proofing, masking off areas, crack repairs, etc. All exterior projects are high-pressure cleaned prior to preparation to ensure all peeling and flaking paint is removed. The high pressure cleaner often removes loose paint that is not visible to the eye. Cracked walls & loose plasterwork are chipped off, damp-proofed if necessary and re-plastered to match your existing plasterwork finish.


Following the preparations and plastering, areas are primed, undercoated & waterproofed to ensure the new paintwork adheres to the wall for years to come. We use products and materials from reputable suppliers in the industry, who are well known for offering products that are of a high quality and carry a product guarantee.


Depending on the requirements of your project, we offer free advice on colours that will compliment your home, office or complex so that you keep up with modern trends. We also offer sample painting to our clients to help with this process as choosing colours from a colour chart is often confusing. Colour cards can be deceiving and paint shades will vary depending on the size of the room, natural light and orientation. 



We build the following:

Garden Walls

Boundary & Retainer Walls

Feature Walls

Alterations & Extensions


At JUST WALLS AND PAINTING we build completely new walls, as well as repair damaged wall sections between expansion joints to match your existing wall. Often damaged walls are caused by tree roots pushing the wall, incorrect thickness for wall height, raised ground level on adjacent side without a retainer wall, and walls with little or no support or strengthening.


Common steps to build a NEW wall include:

LAYING THE FOUNDATION: We start by laying a new concrete foundation. The width and depth of this foundation varies depending on the desired wall thickness and height.

BUILDING THE WALL: Depending on the wall height required and various other aspects ie. slope, ground level & water run off, we build either a SINGLE BRICK wall (110mm) or a DOUBLE BRICK wall (220mm) from the foundation up to the desired height. Our walls are built with sufficient pillars for support, brick-force and expansion joints.

PLASTERING: We can finish the new wall with various plastering styles such as “Smooth”, “Scratch”, “Brush”, or “Bagwash”.

Facebrick options are also available.



We also do alterations to commercial and residential properties; whether it be breaking out walls, installing new door or window frames, tiling and other flooring options, installing new ceilings, adding on a room etc.

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In our harsh South African climate, buildings require waterproofing to protect foundations, plasterwork and roof structures.

We offer various waterproofing methods depending on your project requirements and surface area.


SURFACE Waterproofing

(Tanking, Slurry Coating & Acrylic/Bitumen Coating)

We use surface waterproofing to waterproof:

Parapet Walls

Roof Flashings

Lower plaster areas on walls

Retainer Walls

Flower boxes


TORCH-ON Waterproofing

On new and existing roof slabs (such as flat roofs, balconies and patios), we apply a torch-on waterproofing, which is applied under a high heat process. Roof areas that have had the torch-on bitumen-based membrane applied are then overcoated with an aluminium silver coating which will protect your waterproofing system against the elements. (This silver coating should be maintained every 3 years to ensure the bitumen membrane remains protected).